This campaign has one simple aim: End Greyhound Cruelty. Thousands of racing greyhounds are living and racing in dreadful conditions in the UK. Thousands have died from neglect and maltreatment as a result of racing. With an industry spending more on enhancing its reputation than on greyhound welfare and a resurgence of investment in the bloodsport, the time for action is now.

End Greyhound Cruelty is lobbying policymakers to enact stronger regulations on the industry, with measures designed to ensure British racing greyhounds are protected from the systemic welfare failures of the dog racing industry.

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Tell your member of parliament that you want to end greyhound cruelty.


The UK racing industry causes unnecessary suffering to greyhounds everyday.

In 2019 greyhound racing in the UK caused:





In 2018, 324 greyhounds were destroyed for financial reasons. All should have been homed or medically treated.


Since 2017, more than 2,300 greyhounds have died from racing injuries or mistreatment.

The Greyhound Board of Great Britain failed on its own commitment to halve greyhound deaths by 2021, delaying the target to 2023.

A UK racing greyhound dies or is destroyed every 12 hours. We must do better.


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Take a stand for greyhounds, and let your voice be heard, through grassroots or online actions.

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