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This campaign has one simple aim: End Greyhound Cruelty. Currently, thousands of racing greyhounds are living and racing in dreadful conditions in the UK. Thousands have died from neglect and maltreatment as a result of racing. With an industry spending more on enhancing its reputation than on greyhound welfare, and a resurgence of investment in the bloodsport, the time for action is now.

Every year, hundreds of racing greyhounds are destroyed or killed. This is either a result of injuries on the track or owners unwilling to contribute to the high costs of care or homing. Since 2017, over 2,300 greyhounds have been recorded as meeting their end this way, the real figure is much higher than this. 

In 2020, 3,575 greyhounds were injured on GBGB-licensed tracks, an organisation which has consistently reneged on its own commitments to greyhound welfare. These dogs deserve so much better.

End Greyhound Cruelty aims to improve the welfare of racing greyhounds by holding the Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) accountable for the conduct of its 19 member tracks and its trainers. We will also strive to shine a light on the harsh realities of greyhound racing across the UK.

It has been said that the greatness of a nation can be seen by how it treats its animals. As a nation of dog-lovers, the UK cannot allow these profound failures in greyhound protection to continue. Greyhounds are gentle and loving creatures who deserve protection from those who intend harm on them. The campaign to End Greyhound Cruelty starts here. Are you in?

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