End Greyhound Cruelty is affiliated with GREY2K USA Worldwide – a US-based non-profit, and the largest greyhound protection organisation in the world. 

GREY2K USA Worldwide has been the instigator of dramatic change to dog racing in the United States. Before its work, there were 60 greyhound tracks across the USA. Now the cruel activity is illegal in 41 US states, and soon there will be just two tracks remaining.

GREY2K USA Worldwide has broken barriers. It was the first organisation to successfully outlaw dog racing through the ballot box in Florida and Massachusetts, and was instrumental in the closure of the Macau Canindrome (the largest track in Asia in which no greyhound escaped alive). It is time for the UK to follow suit, and enact more stringent regulation designed to ensure no greyhound is needlessly killed as a result of racing

GREY2K USA Worldwide has over 250,000 supporters worldwide, including politicians, celebrities, charities, and organisations. It continues to document the cruelty of dog racing through reports, conferences, petitions, action alerts and social media.

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