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The End Greyhound Cruelty campaign advocates for the thousands of greyhounds living and racing under inhumane conditions in our country. We strive to improve the welfare of racing greyhounds by holding the Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) to account for the conduct of its member tracks and greyhound trainers, and to shine a light on the harsh realities of greyhound racing in the UK, with a goal of ending dog racing and greyhound cruelty.

Opposition to greyhound racing is developing across the world. The activity is illegal in 41 US states and all but one state is in the process of winding down its operations, while an international coalition recently succeeded in closing down the only legal dog track in China. There are very few countries in the world where this inhumane activity is allowed.

A petition to ban dog racing in the UK secured more than 100,000 signatures last year, and a similar petition in Wales has exceeded the number of signatures at which it will be debated in the Senedd. The end of this blood sport in the UK is inevitable. 

End Greyhound Cruelty is lobbying policymakers to enact stronger regulations on the industry, with measures designed to ensure British racing greyhounds are protected from the systemic welfare failures within both GBGB member and non-member tracks. 

We are calling for the following five common sense actions:

1. Implement a statutory 5% levy to be paid by all bookmakers profiting from dog racing.

The voluntary levy paid by bookmakers is 0.6% of the profits generated through the betting on dogs in the UK. The board of the British Greyhound Racing Fund, which collects the levies and determines how the money is spent, consists of track owners and bookmakers’ representatives – many of whom are directors of the bookmakers who pay the levies.

We are calling for a statutory levy of 5% on the industry, and for the board to comprise a majority of independent, government appointed representatives involved in the allocation of funds, to ensure adequate funding is directed to dog welfare.


2. Confirm a date for a greyhound racing ban to be debated in parliament. ✅

The petition to ban dog racing exceeded the number of signatures required for the issue to be debated in parliament earlier this year. We wanted the Petitions Committee to call a Westminster Hall debate or ask the Backbench Business Committee to schedule a debate in the main chamber.  They did so. End Greyhound Cruelty attended the debate and highlights of it can be found on our social media channels.


3. Stop the self regulation of the GBGB, by expanding The Welfare of Racing Greyhounds Regulations 2010 to cover the welfare of greyhounds off the track, and ensure that all greyhound related legislation is enforced to the fullest extent.

The GBGB is a self-regulated body that claims to police its own welfare failures. This system is not working. The GBGB has reneged on its own commitments to reduce unnecessary dog deaths by this year, and consistently fails to stop those within its ranks responsible for the mistreatment and needless death of dogs. It is therefore vital that The Welfare of Racing Greyhounds Regulations 2010, which only covers the welfare of greyhounds on the track, be expanded and fully enforced by an independent authority.


4. Implement full life tracking for all greyhounds racing in the UK.

The lack of full life tracking for racing dogs in this country means that profound and unacceptable welfare failures continue to go unnoticed every day. A system must be implemented whereby every greyhound racing is accounted for throughout its life.


5. Prohibit the construction of new racing tracks and the re-licencing of old tracks throughout the UK.

Greyhound racing is a dying industry, responsible for abhorrent dog welfare failures on a daily basis. The GBGB’s own figures reveal 4,970 injuries and 710 deaths in 2019 – that’s 14 recorded deaths a week, with the true figure likely to be considerably higher.

As such, it is essential that the construction of new racing tracks and the re-licencing of existing, unused tracks is prohibited, without delay. It’s time the government acknowledges the inherent cruelty in dog racing, recognises the necessity of phasing out this bloodsport and immediately implements measures to protect the dogs in the meantime. Please join us in making this happen. t




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